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E-learning Program

PADI provides interactive diver education on the Internet, giving you the opportunity to start your course today!

In many fields, online courses replace the need for face-to-face interaction with the instructor. This is not consistent with the PADI System of diver education philosophy. PADI’s eLearning courses do not replace the instructor’s traditional role. Rather, they provide another way for divers to complete knowledge development portions of PADI Courses at their leisure.

Once student divers complete the knowledge development portion of the course online, they must go to their PADI Dive Center or Resort to complete training. And, depending on the course, instructors still need to check diver’s knowledge reviews, remediate any missed questions and then administer any quizzes or exams, as appropriate. Additionally, they must still provide additional elaboration on course topics and safety information when necessary, as well as discuss local dive sites and dive practices, assist divers with equipment selection or dive travel needs and provide information on the benefits of continuing education.

When enrolling to E-learning if you choose us as your Dive Center to complete the course use our Store Number S# 20171.

Have any questions or would like to inquire more information please contact us.